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For Fat Loss & Freedom Over 50


Conquer self-sabotaging habits, behaviors, and limiting beliefs. Our program equips you with tools to identify and overcome obstacles in your weight loss journey. Through mindset shifts and behavior changes, you'll navigate setbacks and achieve lasting success. This holistic approach is the key to breaking free from the weight loss rollercoaster.


Say goodbye to restrictive diets. Our guidance helps you understand your nutritional needs after 50. Learn how to use food for your body. No need for another meal plan; we provide tools for a balanced eating plan anywhere, anytime. We consider hormonal changes and aging in crafting your plan. Our knowledge helps you make healthy choices naturally.


Our strategy helps you reduce cortisol, build strength, and burn fat simultaneously. Our recommended workouts are balanced and aligned with your body's needs, fostering natural progress toward a stronger, leaner you. We guide you toward your physical transformation goals.


Our approach offers a balanced and customized solution for sustainable fat loss and a healthy lifestyle. Unlike most programs that only focus on nutrition and exercise, our approach takes into account all aspects necessary for women experiencing the stages of menopause and beyond.


An online program dedicated solely to helping women over 50 learn. You learn how to lose weight (especially belly fat), reduce inflammation and gain strength, so you can drop 15-20+ lbs. and get your energy and confidence back... without sacrifice, starvation and/or deprivation.

  • Customized training program and nutrition plan for optimal fat burning over 50.

  • Proven coaching methods and tools to address habits and behavior to get to the real reasons you're stuck and/or self-sabotaging.

  • Tips and strategies to help you change habits and mindset around creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

  • Private App: everything you need delivered through your own personal account on our app to keep it simple and concise.

  • 4 one-to-one coaching sessions to keep you on track and moving forward.

  • Weekly check-ins.

  • Live weekly group coaching via Zoom and connections with other women over 50 on your same journey.

  • Private FB community for ongoing accountability, support, and motivation.


Get a customized program designed for YOU ~ with support, accountability and community! Apply and join the coaching tribe today.

Deana and her expert team empower women over 50 to lose weight and maintain it, no deprivation, endless tracking, or excessive gym time.



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